Welcome to GLWA Real-Time Recommendation documentation!

The Real-Time Recommendation Service is a software application designed to provide control recommendations to operators of stormwater networks. This work was developed with the support of the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA). Though an aim of this documentation is to cover the general approach of the application, much of the information herein is directed explicitly towards operators, technicians, and engineers of GLWA. Care is taken in the organization of this documentation to – where possible – separate general information from the GLWA-specific information.

The purpose of this documentation is to provide information on the following:
  • Decision-Support Dashboard: Introduce the Decision-Support Dashboard and information about how to use the recommendations provided.
  • Recommendation Engine Workflow: Explanation about the structure and procedure to provide recommendations. Provide evidence supporting current implementation.
  • Theory: Describe the framework through which real-time recommendations are generated.
  • Software & Applications: Outline application workflow and highlight key functionality of scripts and packages.


GLWA Operators using the Dashboard at SCC CLICK HERE .

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